Parents complain about Soddy Daisy High School comment


UPDATE: The Hamilton County School System has issued this statement from Superintendent Johnson.

“As an educator, I believe that all students deserve a high-quality education. In Hamilton County Schools, we are committed to serving all students well. We have reviewed the video content. We find the comments about young women in this video inexcusable, as the sentiments expressed do not align with the values of Hamilton County Schools. The situation is under investigation, and this employee has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately. We hold our employees and our leaders to a high standard, and these comments do not match the high expectations we have for our employees. We seek to prepare all children for success in life after high school and expect our employees to provide an atmosphere that will empower all children to reach their full potential.”

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SODDY-DAISY, Tennessee (WDEF) – As if Soddy Daisy and Hamilton County Schools didn’t have enough to worry about today, the school has come under fire for school news show on YouTube.

Vice Principal Jared Hensley was talking about the dress code on athletic shorts.

He was explaining why students who violated the ban on athletic shorts would face detention.

But his explanation has angered some parents.

Hensley says “Just don’t wear them. And if you want somebody to blame, blame the girls. Because they pretty much ruin everything. They ruin the dress code.. they ruin.. well, ask Adam. Look at Eve. That’s really all you got to get to.” (see video above)

The school has since taken down the video, but not before the clip was posted on social media with both scathing criticism and support.

Some of the comments we have gotten on our site…

“Disgusting & misogynistic BUT typical actions for decades of Hamilton County Department of Education.”

“Surely this guy can’t be this stupid! Talk about a “sexist pot stirrer”!!!!!!! VP of SDHS should just resign now!! Not at all setting an example for students with this trash!!!!!”

But here is a letter of support from a student at Soddy Daisy High:

Hello, my name is Paige Dunny and I am Senior Class Vice President of Soddy Daisy High School. I would like to take the time to comment on the character of our Vice Principal Mr. Hensley. After reading one of your articles on the issue of his comments on our school news, it seems as though the statements used are a little one sided. I’ve personally know Mr. Hensley not only because he is our Vice President, but because before that he was my gym teacher. Not once during the span of that whole class did he say one sexist remark or treat us any less because we were girls. Mr. Hensley goes out of his way to say hi and ask how I’m doing whenever he sees me in the hallways. He is one of the kindest and most caring members of our school faculty. I would hate to see a man that cares so much about what he does lose everything over a comment that he did not mean.
Thank you for your time,
Paige Dunny