Protester say they gave TVA “the run around” in response to last board meeting


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A group of people protested TVA’s recent retail rate hike by, according to them giving TVA the run around.

They held a “fun run” around the TVA offices in Chattanooga.

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They believe their questions were answered at the latest meeting where a rate increase was approved.

Laura Humphrey with Clean Energy Alliance says they hope this gets TVA’s attention.

She says, “Tennessee is tired of her bills. TVA likes to tout low rates, but they are actually ranked number seven for highest bills in the country. Every board meeting, we’ve brought true concerns and they have failed to really, truly address those so that is why we are giving them the runaround today.”

They also mentioned how they want TVA to put more resources into making solar energy available to all TN residents.