Major Tommy Bradford writes letter to the community


A letter from Major Tommy Bradford….

On August 7th, 2018, I woke up and got ready for work, just like any other day. I had my day planned out as usual, but did not know that something would happen later, that would change my family’s life forever.

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The first part of my day was a normal Tuesday, and then I received a call from a Deputy about a vehicle pursuit heading north on Highway 11, toward the city of Trenton. I did what came naturally to me, and I headed out of my office to assist with the pursuit.

I stepped out of my truck, and in an instant, life as I knew it suddenly changed. I was struck by a vehicle, and I felt myself beginning to lose consciousness. Help started arriving, which gave me strength to stay awake and alert. I was flown to Erlanger by Life Force, and underwent several surgeries.

I remember waking from the first surgery, looking at my wife, and telling her, “This is it. I am retiring from law enforcement.” However, after seeing the outpouring of love and support, not just from everyone that responded to the accident scene, but from all of my family, friends, and community, I knew in my heart I had to stay, and it was not time to quit.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and it is how we respond, that makes us who we are. God does not give us more than we can handle, and I know deep down in my heart, that God has a plan for my family through this whole situation.

Words can never express the gratitude we have felt from all of the prayers, calls, texts, cards, food, and monetary gifts. We continue to be amazed at the massive amount of encouragement and kindness given to my family, and I will forever remember it all.

I will continue to serve Dade County, and continue to be a productive leader in its future. I ask that you continue to pray for my family, my recovery, and also myself. I am a true testament of answered prayers.

Major Tommy Bradford
Dade County Sheriff’s Office