Dade County teen honored for helping save Major Tommy Bradford’s life


DADE COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) – A Dade County teen was honored this morning at Piney Grove Baptist for his role in helping save Major Tommy Bradford’s life.

His mother says she’s in awe of her son, but also Major Bradford during this difficult time.

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Amanda Delay Murray says, “Both of them were just as calm as he is standing right here with you right now.”

Calm…. is how Bradley’s mother Amanda Murray says he handled a life or death situation involving Major Tommy Bradford with the Dade County Sheriff’s Office.

Bradley stepped in with hopes of helping save his life.

Steven Bradley Nelson recalls the phone call he answered from his mother during the situation. He says he told her, “Hey I’m OK I got to go”.

Murray says, “He says mom I’m helping a cop right now I love you yes I’m OK I got to go.”

Murray went on saying he hung up on her. “This child always answers his phone and he has never ever hung up on me.”

But he did that day, as he sat by Bradford’s side after applying a tourniquet to the officers leg….preventing him from losing too much blood.

Bradford was run over as he tried to safely end a police chase that posed a risk to those in the area.

Murray says, “Officer Bradford he is definitely a hero. You got to think school was letting out at this time they were fixin to come in to this county, they were fixing to run right through the town Square right where all of our schools are where schools were letting out in 10 minutes.”

Now Bradford is recovering from his serious injuries and many say he’s keeping everyones spirits up throughout it all.

“How many people could pull that off if you’re laying in the hospital bed? And you just lost your leg what are the chances that you will be joking and laughing and inspiring others to do great things?,” says Murray.

And to the woman charged with leading police on a chase and causing this crash….

“I hope she finds God, I hope she gets clean and I hope she finds salvation in all of this tragedy and maybe something good will come out of it in her world like it has in mind,” says Murray.

But through it all…. this family believes…

“He found his calling… through this terrible, terrible experience… a little bit of good came out of it because he found his calling”

Bradley has already begun the steps to become and EMT.

They believe through this tragedy … they’ve gained a new family in the Bradford’s.