Cleveland Police charge two people in connection with shots fired call at Inman Plaza


CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF)- Two people are facing charges after multiple gunshots sent dozens fleeing from the Inman Street Plaza Wednesday night.

Police say an officer was in the area when the shots rang out. That officer then got on the radio to request assistance and more shots were heard.

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No one was hurt, but police are encouraging people to come forward with information.

Police say that this currently isn’t a high crime area, but recent shots fired calls have forced them to be proactive in their approach before someone gets hurt.

Sgt. Evie West, with the Cleveland Police Department, says “this community is not identified simply on this because you do have a good community here.”

The Inman Plaza, where shots rang out Wednesday night, is just a block from community center and church.

Sgt. West says, “this is hot for us, this is important for us…this is important for our citizens to feel safe.”

An officer was in the area when 10 to 12 shots rang out and as that officer radioed for assistance, another round of shots were fired.

“We have noticed that there are a lot of different people that have been congregating in this area for sometime which has caused us to pay more attention to it and patrol it more heavily than normal,” says Sgt. West.

They want the people who hang out here to know… they have a right to congregate… but they have to do so in way that respects the community that lives here.

When police were asked if this was connected to two other drivesbys…. police didn’t have an answer, but wish they could.

“The sad thing about that…. I wish I could answer that question, but anytime you are dealing with these kinds of situations you have no cooperation from any witnesses, any victims, suspects, nothing and so it could be, but we don’t know because no one would talk. “

They say this is why they use Facebook to get the word out.

In these recent shots fired investigation, within hours, two people were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm… and one of them was charged with possession of marijuana as well.

Chief Gibson created a crime suppression unit to tackle issues like this and let the community know they are here and will not allow this to go one.