People voice concern after shooting near Coyote Jacks


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — People are voicing their concerns after five people were shot in the parking lot across from Coyote Jacks.

Sharee James came to the parking lot where her brother, Sharone Porter, was shot and killed nearly seven months ago.

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“There’s a part of us that is not here anymore,” James said.

On Saturday, the family gathered to celebrate what would have been Sharone’s 23rd birthday.

“We had a birthday party for him in memory of him and it was just a normal night. I woke up, Sunday morning, getting ready for going to church, and I had a whole lot of notifications,” James said.

Early Sunday morning five people were shot in the parking lot across from Coyote Jacks. It is the same area where Sharone died.

James feels the club should be shutdown.

“What I do want them to do is to make sure to ensure the safety of their patrons. They pay to get in, they pay to drink, they pay to do this. If they can’t do that, why have a place?” she asked.

“I mean everyone is banging for our blood and wanting us to shutdown, but if we shut our business down, they are just going to go to another establishment. They are going to find another establishment to be there. They are just going to keep moving on and moving on. If you continue to close establishments down, that tells those people that they win,” said Daniel Weaver, the Marketing Director at Coyote Jacks.

Weaver says they’ve upped security and they plan on installing more cameras. He says it is not their responsibility to monitor what happens in the parking lot. He thinks there needs to be more lighting.

“Republic Parking needs to step up. They need to understand that this parking lot is dangerous,” Weaver said.

James doesn’t want any more families to go through what she did.

“Sometimes I can’t even ride by, because I know this is where my brother laid and he actually took his last breath,” she said.

Republic Parking issued a statement saying:

“We are concerned about the incidents that arise on, or near, our parking lot due to its proximity to a late night business.  We are investigating the incident and are meeting with local law enforcement and business owners in an effort to address the root cause.”

If you have any information about the latest shooting, you are urged to call Chattanooga Police.