Hixson JROTC Receive Distinguished Unit Award


Students at Hixson High School have a reason to celebrate. They’ve received the JROTC Distinguished Unit Award. It recognizes Air Force JROTC units that have performed above and beyond expectations.

Master Sgt. Doug Burhans, “Here at High School we are TN 081 is our unit designation for the nation. Junior ROTC is a volunteer program so they have to be a volunteer to be here we don’t take anyone that doesn’t want to be around and doesn’t want to be part of this program and I honestly feel like Junior ROTC is the best program than any high school could offer.”

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Cadet Col. Ruth Robey, “The distinguished unit award stems from our mission statement as Air Force Junior ROTC which is to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. The requirements are to have 12 hours per cadet with 102 cadets. This year we had 2100 hours with over 20 hours per cadet.”

1st Lt. Jacob Wolff, “There’s a lot to get out of this program. We teach each individuals a lot about community service and giving back to their community, as well as building each of us cadets up in becoming a leader, knowing how to manage our skills and become better in our school activities and outside of school.”

Cadet Logan Griffith, “I was actually recommended by a friend to join and once I joined I really started to kick off and wanted to do something and it gives a really good. It’s really fun to do after school.”

Master Sgt. Doug Burhans, “To just watch their character develop over these four years, it’s just been great just to be better citizens and to have some responsibility, have some self-discipline to grow to have confidence in themselves. That’s the overall goal is just to make their lives better than my life was when I was growing up and to have a mentor and someone that they can come to talk about their problems and helping through lives.”