The legend and facts about room 311 at the Read House


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The history inside the Read House comes with a haunted twist.

Yesterday, we should you the millions of dollars in renovations taking place inside the historic hotel.

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Tonight, we’re learning more about room 311, known for its mysterious and haunted past.

Our News 12 Morning crew spent some time in this haunted hotel, and has the details.

Jon Weitz, Read House Owner, “We’ve read everything that’s on the internet. Everybody was talking about strange noises and lights coming on and sensing someone was in the room with them.”

Picture after picture, stories from the past, all about a mysterious room on the 3rd floor of the Read House hotel.

Jon Weitz, “Currently there is a spirit that stays there her name is Analeise Netherly.”

If you go on a ghost tour in Chattanooga, you will learn more about a woman who many say has haunted the historic hotel for many years.

Jon Weitz, “She was decapitated in the bathroom by a jealous lover.”

Amy Petulla, Chattanooga Ghost Tours, “They always say she had her throat slashed, she picks on men a lot and sits on the bed next to men I have never had a woman say that happened.”

Amy Petulla owns Chattanooga Ghost Tours and claims she has seen firsthand the hauntings. “We had the ghost show up on command, it touched one of our guides.”

Is there really paranormal within these walls? Some question the story. Others, however, believe her spirit is still here.

Jon Weitz, “I still don’t know that I believe in ghosts but things have happened since we have owned it, that I can’t explain.”

Unknown explanations of people claiming they need to get out of the room in the middle of the night because they felt someone touched them, heard creepy noises, but that’s not all. When construction began months ago on this multimillion dollar renovation, crews started complaining. They couldn’t unlock the door to enter room 311.

Jon Weitz, “When the demolition contractor was coming down, the first thing they did is remove all the doors.”

Every door came off except for room 311.

Jon Weitz, “They couldn’t even get a screw driver in it to get the handle off of it so the only way to get into the room to renovate it. They had to take a buzz saw to the door.”

Owners say room 311 is also the same room in the entire renovation process that had a pipe burst. And housed Al Capone during the 30’s when he was on his way to a federal trial.

Jon Weitz, “He was on Federal trial so they put rebar on the windows so he couldn’t escape and the remnants of that rebar is still on the windows.”

The bars were removed years ago but hotel owners plan to replace them before the renovations are completed. We have checked article after article to try and confirm Capone’s experience at the Read House hotel but have come up short. But why 311? Why so many strange occurrences in one hotel room?

No one knows but just walking into the hotel lobby you get a since of history. Mystery and an uneasy feeling. Even in the well known silver ballroom.

Amy Petulla, “Here was this figure in the mirror in the Silver Ballroom. If you look online, there are tons of reported hauntings in that room, things specifically showing up in that mirror and there is a man. There were 2 women standing around us right next to me. There is no one that could have shown up.”

Creepy? Maybe. Now developers are hoping to preserve the haunted history for years to come. Giving hotel guests an experience they may never forget.

Amy Petulla, “Chattanooga has a lot of history and I think it’s terrific and I think it’s great that the city is promoting that instead of shoving it under the rug.”

The renovations for the Read House will be completed later this summer. For more information on the Read House and room 311 read part 1 of our story about the Read House.