Missing 65-year-old woman in Bledsoe County has not been found, search is ongoing


BLEDSOE COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Authorities in Bledsoe County are still searching for a 65-year-old woman who is missing.​

Around 60 to 70 people from different agencies were out looking in a large area around her home on Brayton Road.

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According to Bledsoe County Rescue Lt. Cory Summers, Stephanie Tyson was last seen on Saturday.

The sheriff’s department was sent out to the area Tuesday morning.

Authorities said they’ve deployed drones and dog teams to look for Tyson who is believed to be on foot.

Lt. Summers said that on Saturday her significant other came home and noticed her car was still at the home, but she was gone.

“It seems like she had left on foot. We don’t know if she just went out for a stroll or what. That’s all we know at this time and the family has searched around the house around, the property for two or three days, and once she hadn’t been found, they notified the sheriff’s department, and they came and did a report, and notified us this morning,” he said.

Drone were used to search the area Tuesday night while everyone else was pulled out around dark.

If she has not been found, Lt. Summers said the search will probably continue Wednesday.