Tractor Trailer accident spills gas and diesel into Ocoee River


UPDATE: POLK COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Highway 64 will be closed at least through the morning commute, after a tanker spilled fuel into the Ocoee River.

“There’s two things that have to happen. That truck has to be gotten out of the water and back up on the roadway, and removed and the fuel has to be cleaned,” West Polk Volunteer Firefighter Ray Stewart said. “Once the truck is up and out, and I believe there’s 5 to 7 heavy wreckers working on that as we speak, once that truck and trailer is up and out, things can conceivably flow faster, but it’s just tough to tell right now.”

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The driver of the tanker is reported to be okay.

One person out in the water who was helping with the spill had minor injuries.

They are expected to be alright.

POLK COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – A tractor trailer accident on Highway 64 has left diesel and gas leaking into the Ocoee river.

HazMat crews from several counties are helping with the spill.

According to the West Polk County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, it’s happening east of Highway 30.

All traffic is being diverted around at Highway 314, and in Ducktown at Postelle Road.

All traffic between those points is shut down and will be for an extended amount of time.

Fire crews are asking you to please avoid the area.

(Photo Courtesy: Hamilton County Emergency Services)