Owner reacts after horse shot and killed


COHUTTA, Ga. (WDEF) — The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an animal cruelty case, where a horse was shot and killed.

Tammy Hamilton loves her horses. She considers them family. Recently two incidents made her uneasy. The first one happened after her horse Buddy got scared when he heard gunshots.

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“Buddy got injured bad and I had to get the vet. It was an emergency. I had to call the vet out here to sew him up. He was awful. You could put two fists all of the way through, and you could pull the flap back. It was awful. Somebody was shooting up here and it got him all riled up, run, run, run and hit the panel,” Hamilton said.

Two days later, while taking care of Buddy, Hamilton noticed something wrong with her other horse Pearl.

“When I did that I walked up and Pearl was laying over here. I thought she broke her neck,” she said.

A deputy came over to investigate.

“He checked the horse for me and he told me she didn’t break her neck, somebody shot her, two times. I couldn’t understand why someone would do that to her because she was just like a baby,” Hamilton said.

Investigators say they interviewed a neighbor who shoots and does target practice in the area. They found he was not home when the shooting happened and he was ruled out a suspect.

Meanwhile, a bullet hole in the barn is a reminder of what happened to Pearl.

“They just don’t know they took a part of my family. That was our family. Pearl was our family. She was like our baby,” Hamilton said.

What Hamilton wants most right now are answers.

“I want to know why. What the purpose of shooting a horse that never done nothing to nobody. Why? I want to know why, I won’t to rest until I know why,” she said.

According to a Captain from the Sheriff’s Office, the case remains open and investigators are following all leads.
Hamilton says if someone comes forward with information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible, she will give them a $1,000 reward.