Police offer “Take Me Home” program


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga police have started a program that may help them quickly respond to missing persons cases—and return those people to their families.

It’s called “Take Me Home.”

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Children and seniors sometimes wander away from home.

The same is true of individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Chattanooga police have a plan to register many of these folks ahead of time.

Sgt. Vinnie Holoman tells us “In the Take Me Home program when an enrollee enrolls their loved one, they’re going to put different types of information in there, including a picture, a photo, a description, of them, and the type of disorder they have.”

The key to the “Take Me Home” program is getting photographs, home addresses and contact phone numbers for quick reference. It can save valuable time.

“The police officer will come across an individual that may look like he needs assistance, and be able to cross reference him with, whether it be with height and weight, hair color, eye color, and then, it will prompt up several photos, of individuals matching that description.”

In a era when personal information is gathered by big companies….some will want to know how that information is being used and who has access to it.

“And the officer will be able to cross reference and able, he’ll be able to determine, if this person is in need and needs to be taken home.”

Police will ask that you or your family update the information on a regular basis, but they point out a lot of that can be done on line.

“You’ll be able to download a picture from your computer or your phone.”

Enrollment in the “Take Me Home” program is now underway.