Volkswagen tweaking brand that’s “too German”

Volkswagen Logo tweak

BERLIN, Germany (WDEF) – Volkswagen will tweak its logo and  brand next year as it moves to release electric vehicles.

The automaker’s chief Marketing officer talked about the changes coming at a press conference in Berlin on Monday.

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It will include a modification to the iconic VW log, which was last updated six years ago.

Jochen Sengpiehl Volkswagen marketing chiefJochen Sengpiehl said the logo tweak will have to work on the front of vehicles as well as on phone screens.

But he also admitted that the brand is “not in good shape compared to previous years.”

Sengpiehl says the problem goes further than just the diesel emissions scandal.

He says Volkswagen has lost some of its emotional appeal trying to push an image that was “too German.”

A new logo will be unveiled next year.

But that will be a preamble to the big push into electric vehicles coming in 2012, with the  I.D. hatchback.

It will be followed by a battery powered SUV, minivan then sedan.

The marketing challenge will be convincing consumers that the VW technology is better and worth the higher expense of their products.

A new team is taking over the message and the electric-push.

Sengpiehl rejoined Volkswagen last September, from a similar job with Hyundai.

And new CEO Herbert Diess just took over on Friday.

The new approach includes creating 5 hubs to bring the marketing under one roof for each region.  One will be in North America.

A look back at the VW logo from the company’s founding in 1937.  The British government actually ran the company for 4 years after World War II and steered the logo away from its Nazi party roots.

Volkswagen logo history