Tim Boyd campaign response to Lambert presser

Brent Lambert on press conference

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) The campaign of Tim Boyd has reacted to the release of phone recordings by his opponent Brent Lambert.

The recordings are the basis for the extortion indictment against Boyd.

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You can hear them here.

The Boyd campaign did not address the contents of the recordings.

Instead, they want to know why he did not allow citizens into the press conference, along with other various campaign beefs.

Here is their statement:

East Ridge Mayor Brent Lambert told Hamilton County citizens last Friday he would reveal the tape recording he made of County Commissioner Tim Boyd in February. Today, at noon, he turned away 11 regular citizens for the reveal. Then, Lambert put it up on Facebook Live.

“I thought what happened last week and the things that were said by Mr. Lambert just seemed a bit delusional,” said Commissioner Boyd. “What we saw today would seem to confirm that fact.”

An off-duty East Ridge police officer stood at the single door entering a meeting room at the East Ridge Community Center. He said that no one could enter except media. Seven of the 11 people in the lobby said they came as East Ridge citizens to hear their mayor, even though all were supporting Boyd. The remaining four had nothing to say.

“Think about it,” said Boyd, “exactly why did Mayor Lambert call a press conference on Friday? Six calls and he could have had the same audience of press present he had today. And why say what he said Friday and then turn away East Ridge residents today and put it on Facebook?

“It’s just a well-known belief around Hamilton County that East Ridge politics can be rotten, but Mayor Lambert seem to have taken the image of an East Ridge politician to a new level.”

The Boyd campaign is reviewing what Lambert said today regarding the recording Lambert made without Boyd’s knowledge in February, but the bizarre events are consistent with events of the Lambert campaign over the past seven days. The campaign said it checked with several long-time journalists in Chattanooga and none of them had ever heard of calling a press conference and then exclude regular citizens, either here or nationally.


  • Lambert opened his campaign with a fundraiser on April 9 with a host committee heavy on CVB leadership, Exit I developers and prominent Democrats.
  • Lambert had not put out a campaign sign until this weekend. He qualified for the race two months ago.
  • Unifi-Ed, a liberal activist group led by a self-professed union organizer, is knocking on doors promoting Lambert and other candidates. Unifi-Ed was paid more than $1,500 by Lambert for staff support, according to his financial disclosure. That apparently means Lambert is paying people to go tell voters in District 8 to support him and other candidates.

“I am not sure if these passionate young people working for a cause or a check,” said Boyd.

  • Lambert apparently paid for an estimated 6,233 palm cards Unifi-Ed is using based on the amount his disclosure says he paid for them and the known, fair cost to print a palm card.

Lambert was asked at the press conference on why he did not allow the public into the press conference.