Red Bank joins Baylor in mourning passing of Tim Daniels

Tim Daniels

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Hamilton County school system is also memorializing former Red Bank coach Tim Daniels.

The assistant football coach at Baylor died Thursday evening from a heart attack.

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Before going to Baylor, Daniels coached and taught at Red Bank High for ten years.

Red Bank brought in extra counselors today for students and staff.

The school system released this statement on Tim Daniels:

“The impact Tim Daniels had on the Red Bank High School family is immeasurable,” said Elaine Harper, principal of Red Bank High School. “As a teacher, coach, mentor and dear friend, he touched all of our lives, and we are better for it.”

Coach Daniels was a giant of a man at 6-foot-8 who also had an enormous impact on Red Bank and those he came in contact with in his life. Former assistant coaches remembered Coach D’s spirit and his ability to pass on wisdom to his assistants and players. “He had a laugh that could fill up the room,” shared Kenny Cobble, a former assistant coach at Red Bank. “He wanted your best, and I believe he got it from you.” Cobble added, “Looking back, you were glad you gave it.” “His emphasis was on moving forward and keeping your eyes on the goal regardless of what has happened – right or wrong,” remembered Chuck Janow, former Red Bank assistant coach.

The Lions had tremendous success on the football field with Coach Daniels at the helm. He coached the team to eight consecutive playoff appearances, four region titles, a district championship, and three undefeated regular seasons. “Coach Daniels was not only a great football coach, but he was a huge part of my life while I was in high school,” remembered Hagen Wilkey, a former player at Red Bank. “He taught young boys to become men, and for that, I am forever grateful.” “Coach Daniels always instilled in those he taught in and out of class to be your own person and enjoy who you are while doing your best to excel in all things in life,” added Matt Bowman, another former player at Red Bank. “Coach D helped me in so many ways in high school from getting me back on the team when I quit or helping me through the college recruiting process,” said Keionta Davis, former Red Bank and UTC football player. “He helped shape me into a better player, leader, and man.”

Students also fondly remember Coach D’s impact on their lives. “My sophomore year I had the pleasure of taking driver’s education from Mr. Daniels,” said Hannah Wood, a former Red Bank student. “He was a big guy with a big heart for everyone around him. Every day he showed students and teachers what genuine love looks like.” Current student Fatima Abizid remembers Coach D as a role model. “He pushed each and every one of us to be our best selves,” Abizid said. “Personally, he was the father figure I needed, and he filled the role well.”