Emissions testing bill one step closer to reality


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Tennesseans are a step closer to paying less for tag renewals.

Tennessee House Bill 17-82, which will eliminate emissions testing in the state, has advanced to the full Agriculture and Natural Resources committee.

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In August, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation reported that the entire state is in compliance with Clean Air standards.

The current bill is sponsored by Representative Mike Carter and Senators Bo Watson and Todd Gardenhire.

It would eliminate the 9 dollar tests on the one point five million cars, which are currently subject to the tests.

Rep. Marc Gravitt says “The reason why I support the bill and I think the majority of the citizens of Hamilton County do, is that the two main contributors to the air pollution particulates in Hamilton County which was U. S. Pipe and Wheeland Foundry when this legislation was enacted, they’re no longer here. So, vehicles now burn cleaner fuel, and there should be a lot less emissions, that are produced.”

Representative Gravitt says the legislation has a stop gap measure that could bring the emissions testing back again, if the county falls back into non-compliance with the new air quality standards.