Witness: Johnthony Walker was speeding before Woodmore bus crash


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The trial begins for the man accused of causing a school bus crash that killed six Woodmore Elementary students in 2016.

At Johnthony Walker’s trial Prosecutors and the defense attorney gave their opening statements.

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Then witnesses started testifying.

Prosecutors started by telling the jury if Walker slowed down this all would have been avoided.

Walker’s attorney says she is here today so the full story can be told.

She says it can be easy to jump to conclusions.​

Walker is accused of causing a crash that killed six Woodmore Elementary School students. He faces 33 charges.

One witness, says right before the crash she saw walker speeding.

A little while after that Ann Jones Pierre says she saw a cloud of dust and realized the bus had crashed.

“We just started trying to console the children that came on. They were crying and asking for their mother. Some of them had blood on them.”

Another witness who testified was on the phone with Walker when he was driving the bus.