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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police are investigating an assault that happened in Alton Park earlier this week and they believe they are close to identifying the suspect.

Police say around 11:50 pm Monday they were called when an assault victim arrived at Park Ride East Hospital.

They say when they talked to the victim she told them she was attacked by a friend of a family member around 7:30 in the Alton Park area.

The people who sent it to us say that the victim can be seen being pulled down the stairs by her hair. Near the end, you can see a woman being kicked in the head.

The Victim told police that this led to her losing consciousness. Police say the victim had several abrasions and bruising on her head.

She is pressing charges, but she wasn’t able to provide much information about the suspect.

The police spokesperson says that they are following a lead which may lead them to the suspect.  The investigators are actively working this case.

This graphic video has been shared on one page more than 3 thousand times, but there are others with even more traction.

Police say it is imperative to call them immediately when something like this shows up on your timeline.

Sgt. Josh May, with Chattanooga Police Department says, “We can’t help out if we don’t know that something has occurred so and if it’s days  before we find out something then that’s days we haven’t been spending on solving the crime.”

Police and news stations were tagged in the post but as Sgt. May with Chattanooga Police explained this doesn’t get the ball rolling on the investigation.”

Sgt. Mays says, “The matter … sometimes of life and death… I mean we have seen some crazy stuff that we have been tagged in. Pick it up call and preserve video as best as you can because that’s always good.”

Sometimes the person behind the camera can be held responsible as well.

“All those decisions are made by the district attorney’s office so we present all the evidence to them and they are coupable in it, then they will be held accountable,” says Sgt. May.

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  • Big Snoopp

    This is sad she is scared to tell on her cousin in fear of them coming back to retaliate. She was done like this because her cousin has got ganged by some of a day or two before this happen. The girl tried to help her cousin fight but was no help. The girl tht got assaulted in the video was setup by family and friends tht watched this happen to her she lost her baby due this assault… Need to lock all there asses up for watching and filming this happen

  • Hatestrash

    This is disgusting. Just another hpiece of trash beating on another piece of garbage. Waste of taxpayers money. Let them beat the hell out of each other and it’ll be less the city has to mess with.