Downtown Chattanooga Parking Study Complete


Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Downtown Chattanooga has over 43,000 parking spaces, but less than one-third of those are publicly available.

Led by the Chattanooga Parking Authority and River City Company, this is one of the findings from a comprehensive parking study measuring how spaces were used on a typical weekday and Saturday.

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“With 43,000 spaces over an area covering five square miles, this is an extensive study and constituted a major data collection and analysis effort,” says Joel Mann, lead consultant. “It is the first time Downtown will have a comprehensive inventory of all on- and off-street spaces, including details such as loading zone locations and parking lots that only serve a dedicated business or user. Assembling this much data gives Chattanooga’s agencies and partner organizations an important tool for decision-making.”

The study determined Downtown Chattanooga parking is adequate. The data points out that the parking supply is not optimally utilized, however, which is evident when only less than one-third of those 43,000 parking spaces are available to the general public. Even when supply is at its highest use, it is much less used on weekends. This suggests that major additions to parking supply might have limited utility.

From the study, recommendations for future growth suggest a “Manage First, Then Build with Strategy approach.”

To access the full study, click here.

Photo: River City Company