Local reactions on Texas church shooting


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The nation is still reeling after the latest church massacre at a little Baptist church in Texas.

But once again, it has raised questions about the need for more security in houses of worship.

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It’s especially painful for most of us to hear about someone murdered in cold blood in a church where most members are willing to welcome one and all, but without a security plan in place, there’s usually no way to stop such a person who gets inside.

Paul Lee is executive director of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers. He says the problem will not go away.

“Our death total on church properties this year has already surpassed last year. And that was before Sunday’s massacre.”

Paul Lee works with a group called “sheepdog” which travels the country helping churches develop a plan.

“…you can’t smuggle a rifle into the church. The best place to shop them is before they get in. So, if you’ve got people stationed outside that can stop that before it ever gets in, situation taken care off.”

The Hamilton county sheriff’s department has been responding to calls for assistance in setting up security at churches.

Looking back at the number of shocking incidents inside church, Lt. Shepherd says the best security plan includes lots of training.