New details on police chase into Tennessee River


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Officials still have not located the chase suspect from Monday who was last seen yelling for help in the Tennessee River.

A deputy affidavit reveals new details on the incident.

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It started on Suck Creek Road when a Hamilton County deputy for swerving and not having registration.

When he approached the vehicle, it sped off.

The deputy says that the Marion County driver, Michael Huffman, sped up to 80 miles an hour on Suck Creek Road and the officer thought he was under the influence of something.

The chase continued on River Canyon Road, finally leaving the road into a yard and down a boat ramp.

Huffman jumped out while his blazer was still rolling and was almost run over by it.

The deputy got close enough to fire a tazer at him, but missed.

He jumped into the river to get away.

And two females in the Blazer also emerged when it hit the water.

Megan Redden heeded the officers warnings to come back to shore and was captured in the woods.

But both Huffman and Ciera Patterson swam away and were swept into the current.

Patterson eventually swam to shore and was taken into custody.

But Huffman was last heard yelling for help, saying he couldn’t swim anymore.

Both of the women were taken to the hospital, and then to jail.

Meanwhile, a day later, they haven’t found a body or evidence that Huffman escaped.