Tip helps police find Cleveland shooting suspect


CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — Cleveland Police say they normally don’t release names and pictures of juveniles, but in certain cases, they say it is necessary.

It is all calm and quiet an Elrod Place, but on Saturday morning it was a different scene. Cleveland Police were looking for 14-year-old Jesus Tyler Teague, who was accused of shooting someone multiple times. The victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. Investigators found Teague Saturday afternoon, after a tip.

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“He was at a residence. He came out peacefully from what I understand, his hands were up. They put him in custody didn’t have any issues with him. Brought him back here with a parent and interviewed him at the station,” said Sgt. Evie West, with the Cleveland Police Department.

Teague is charged with aggravated domestic assault and attempted second degree murder. While he was on the run, police wanted to make people aware they were looking for him.

“It was important for us to share with our community that we had someone who had just been involved in a crime and was possibly armed,”Sgt. West said.

Juveniles are protected, but there are times when police release their names and pictures to the public.

“The times that we do allow people to know would be in a missing child case, because they would be considered endangered and also in a case like this where this young man is walking our streets and he is getting around somehow on our streets, but he is armed. And so if anyone tried to approach him, him knowing that he just shot somebody and then somebody wanting to help him or wondering why a 14-year-old boy is walking around here that early in the morning, he might think they know and might harm them,” Sgt. West said.

Police recovered the weapon and are still investigating the case.

“We’ve got information from witnesses. We’ve got information from the suspect and now we’ve got to get information from the victim, so we can put the pieces of the puzzle together to see if everything fits and if everyone is telling the truth about what happened that day,” Sgt. West said.

The Bradley County District Attorney’s Office says they can’t comment because it is a juvenile case.