People rally for healthcare in Chattanooga


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — People gathered Wednesday afternoon in Miller Park to listen as speakers voiced their concerns about what could happen to the Senate Healthcare Bill.

Different organizations including, the Hamilton County Democratic Party, the Marion County Democratic Party, and the Social Justice Committee helped organize the event.

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Some of the speakers included doctors. A family physician, Dr. Danielle Mitchell, talked about how she benefited from the Affordable Care Act while she was battling an illness.

“I was faced with having almost a complete amputation from my hip all the way down to my toes. And I can say without a doubt being on Obama Care as a private independent small business owner, the ACA, saved my life,” Dr. Mitchell said.

While Senate Republicans failed to agree on a new healthcare plan, this group does not see that as a victory.

“The latest attempt by the senate has had a setback, but the struggle goes on,” Dr. Brent Morris said.

Oscar Brock, with the Hamilton County Republican Party, issued this statement. “Obamacare is failing. Premium costs during the last four years have increased (on average) by 105 percent. The Republican led House and Senate are struggling to find a way to fix the system before it fails completely. Unfortunately, they’ve not yet found a solution that they can rally behind. Tennessee Senator, Lamar Alexander, continues to try to craft a compromise that will fix the failing system and ensures that our nations neediest will continue to receive the health care insurance that they need. All Americans should root for him to succeed.”