‘Down to the Studs’ on HGTV features local house flippers


CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — A group of Cleveland, Tennessee friends and family take their home flipping skills to HGTV on “Down to the Studs”.

The pilot show premiered Saturday. In the episode the group restored a historic home in Cleveland.

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“Showing america that you know what the city has to offer and the type of homes that are in this area. It, you know, it’s something that we feel very strongly about and we’re honestly just humble to have this opportunity,” said Thomas McKay, an interior designer.

“The show is about Thomas and Sydney’s childhood home. We buy the house and we renovate it and when we get the house it’s in really bad shape. So we get in there and take it down to the studs in every single room, and we bring it back to its former glory,” said PJ McKay, a real estate agent.

“The four of us actually had a production company contact us because of a social media account that Thomas and I started. The account at the time was called the property lovers, and we had a pretty big following on that so it kind of just developed from that,” PJ added.

“When we did the first meeting with the production company and I was like this is great. And I was like if nothing evolves from this at least I had the brilliant experience with my friends. And I even sent them a text. I was like this was like the best,” Tania Temple said. She is the project manager.

“I think that the best part about it was being able to work with people who I can be honest with and I think that took a lot of stress off of it. Being about to come to the guys and say something I didn’t like or that I loved or talking to Tania and getting opinions,” said Sydney Hamon, a design apprentice on the show.

“Us four, you know, we are so diverse and we really hope that the people watching can find similarities from themselves to us,” Thomas added.

The McKays say that the show will air once again. If the ratings are good enough there will be a full season.

Social media and tweets help, #HGTVDowntothestuds.