Former King’s Lodge Renovated Into Apartments


EAST RIDGE (WDEF) – One of Chattanooga’s most infamous locations is getting a facelift.

The King’s lodge motel is being renovated top to bottom into “The View at Missionary Ridge” apartments.

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“This is a huge transformation for this area,” says Heather Everett of ViaNova Property development. “We’ll be revamping and turning into 138 units with pool club house fitness center and of course a fantastic view.”

To say the King’s Lodge has a bad reputation in Chattanooga would be an understatement, but property developers say, without the motel, the area feels completely different.

“So we all know this has quite the little stigma going on especially when it used to be the kings lodge and the low income housing that used to be here previously,” says Everett. “Since we’ve shut down the king’s lodge there’s obviously nothing else up here except for really nice houses behind us and then of course the sugars which everybody loves to come to so really it’s now quiet up here and there’s really nothing else going on except for us revamping this entire ridge.”

That revamping has had some hurdles.

“Actually most of these apartments were in really really bad condition so everybody had to leave we had to redo the roof completely gutted the entire thing so it’s brand new piping brand new electrical brand new walls. Everything you see in here is brand new,” Everett told News 12 during a tour of one of the apartments.

One thing that’s not new is the view.

“You can see Georgia, Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, the entire surrounding area, you can look at downtown it’s beautiful at night as well. If you want to be close to downtown, only 5 minutes but not get the downtown rates plus all the amenities we’ll eventually have, and have a fantastic view this is definitely the place to come.”