Chattanooga Student Surprised to be a Gift of Life Donor


Most of us like to give gifts to others.
Sometimes they’re small or sentimental—-but they can be once in a lifetime events.
At the top of the list is the “gift of life”, and a UTC student had the chance to do that.
Page McCoy had developed leukemia—-some didn’t give her much hope.

M.C. “She needed a stem cell transplant and fortunately there was exactly one match in the world. And it was a donor in the Gift of Life register. Her transplant took place in January 2016 in Denver. Colorado. She had a long and difficult recovery but today she is here and she is real excited to meet the donor who saved her life.”

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That was the way this story unfolded last week in New York as the Gift of Life foundation honored Americans who were registered donors and the people they helped.
The donor in this case was a 22-year old student at UTC who registered two years ago in Knoxville two years ago, and promptly forgot all about it.
Thomas Davis was surprised to get the call but he didn’t hesitate to go through with the STEM cell transplant.

THOMAS DAVIS, UTC STUDENT AND DONOR  “Followed all the steps, and eventually I was outside D.C.with two needles in the arms, donating the stem cells.”

Thomas was invited to the Gala last week where he would actually meet Page for the first time.


THOMAS DAVIS  “…out of nowhere, hearing, o.k. She’s on track to recovery..its awesome and the opportunity to actually meet her…uh…it was wonderful.”

Both Thomas and Page McCoy got to make a few comments on stage.

THOMAS  ” Thank you, to the generous men and women whose financial contributions make Gift of Life possible, really..I wouldn’t be on stage without you guys, we wouldn’t be here together if it wasn’t for you guys who made Gift of Life a reality.”

PAGE MCCOY, STEM CELL RECIPIENT  “My donor gave me back my life..but he also gave me my future. I’m leukemia free and 100% engrafted because of him…applause.”

Thomas wants to build that donor list for Gift of Life.

THOMAS  “There’s nothing to be afraid reason not to.”