A final message from a Dade County High teacher


TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) Seniors at Dade County High have one more week to say their goodbyes.

They graduate next weekend.

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But the Dade County High family got a much sadder farewell this week.

Teacher and Graduation Coach Sandy Bradley was diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago.

Yesterday, she posted a statement for students saying there is nothing else that can be done for her.

Friends are sharing it as a source of inspiration, and to remind people about her GoFundMe drive to pay for expenses.

Dear family and friends,

I have spent the last couple of days trying to get the word out about my situation, but I am sure there are some of you that have not heard. Unfortunately, my cancer has quickly taken over my body, and my time here on earth is coming to an end. I am at peace, I know this is all part of God’s plan. I have told my kids that I am the winner. My heart breaks for them as I can only imagine how hard it will be growing up without a Mom.

I am home tonight with Hospice care. I’m not able to eat or drink well, so I don’t think it will take long before Jesus calls me home. I am so glad I have had each of y’all in my life.

I have no regrets. I really feel like I have lived my life to the fullest. I didn’t just talk about doing things or going places- I did it.

Thank you for being apart of my life. I am so lucky to have such great friends and family throughout my time on this earth. I love you all. ❤️