Getting caught up in the Unicorn Frappucino frenzy


(WDEF) – Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit that Starbucks has created an event with their limited time Unicorn Frappucino.

Since it launched this week, TV hosts have to try it on the air, Late night hosts have to savage it in their monologues and every social media personality has to chime in.

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It’s colorful.. it changes flavors when you stir it.. it’s too sour.. it’s too sugary.. but the most common comment now is I can’t find them!

And now the baristas are rebelling. Braden Burson from a Colorado Starbucks is going viral with this rant against preparing the Unicorn.

So what do local people think about the drink craze?

Here are a few posts on social media.

Jen C
Following the herd today. #unicornfrappuccino
Zachariah C. Hall
Because sometimes you need a lil pick-me-up before finals hits you like a brick wall.
#finals #unicorn
Kendall White
Oh, Lulu said she loves her outfit because it makes her feel like a Unicorn frap. I’d say she’s basically won the day before 8 am. Happy Friday, friends!

G. Belinda Martin

When you plan your evening around getting a unicorn frappucino and every Starbucks within a thirty mile radius is sold out or closed, you go to the Ice Cream Show, get a milkshake, and ask for sprinkles when you don’t even like sprinkles, and you take a lame pic for Instagram and apply a filter with pink and purple undertones because that’s the closest you’ll get to the elusive unicorn frappucino.

Katie Knutson

Unicorn drinks! When #knutsonhomeschool is having a tough week we need some magical juice. #starbucks #believe #homeschool #unicorn

See Rock City Starbucks

Rumor has it we’re one of the last stores in town that still has the #unicornfrappuccino! Come see us soon before it’s sold out! #Starbucks #LookoutMountain #RockCity

Lizzie bird

Thanks for all the hype @starbucks
Thanks for taking the pic with An iPod nano @reed_schick


When you go to Starbucks to get the unicorn frappachino and they are sold out
#cottoncandy #notfeelingthemagic

Aaliyah Smith

(Sister in the back) #LOL. #starbucks