Young Hiker Survives 40 Foot Fall Down Lookout Mountain Near Covenant College


A young woman is lucky to have escaped serious injuries when she fell down the side of a steep cliff near Covenant College.
That happened around noon Tuesday as the woman hiker was on a trail in the Chattanooga and Chickamauga National Wildlife park on Lookout mountain.

There’s still much to learn about the incident today, but we do know that the young woman was fortunate to land end up on a 2 foot ledge, with a 60 foot drop just inches away.

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TODD ROEDER, CHIEF RANGER, NATIONAL MILITARY PARK   “She is a 21 year old female, uh, that was hiking by herself. Uh, she did not ever lose consciousness. She did fall approximately 40 feet, but there were no significant injuries.”

Chief Ranger Todd Roeder arrived about the same time as teams of rescuers got to the scene.

ROEDER  “She actually contacted a friend by telephone and that friend contacted authorities at Covenant college, who contacted 9-1-1.”

First on the scene was the West Brow Fire and rescue team, along with Dade county officers. They were followed by the Chattanooga/Hamilton county cave and cliff rescue organization. They reported that the young woman was pulled from the narrow ledge on a stokes basket and possibly could walk out on her own. That was not confirmed since media was moved down the road and unable to keep an eye on the EMS unit.
She reportedly suffered head and leg injuries.
One question remained–how could it have happened?

ROEDER  “Where she fell is at a junction of the Ochs Gateway trail, and the Bluff Trail. At that junction, there’s a little overlook there…uh, and she may have stepped out onto the overlook and lost her footing.”

The Ranger says the trail was slippery from the morning rain.

The woman’s name and condition were not immediately released.