Chattanooga Voters to Decide to City Council Races in Runoff–Chris Anderson is one.


The election of Chattanooga’s city leaders is not over.
In case you forgot, two city council races are still undecided.
News 12 is letting each of the candidates in the April 11th run-off make a last minute appeal for votes.
Tonight, it’s 7th district incumbent, Chris Anderson.

Chris Anderson is seeking a second term representing the 7th district, which includes Alton Park, St. Elmo and parts of downtown.

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CHRIS ANDERSON, DISTRICT 7  “I’ve been on city council for 4 years and I can honestly say that every year of my term, district 7 has gotten the most funding for roads, for parks, for sidewalks and for after school programs. I’m proud that district 7 has been the most rewarded and that we have spent the most time and money there.”

Anderson picked up 811 of the 1700 votes in the general election..but is in a run off with Erskine Oglesby.

CHRIS ANDERSON  “If there’s one area where we can improve the most it would be workforce development options. I’d like to see us partner with unions and faith-based organizations to do more job training for both teenagers and prepare them for a better life for them and their families.”

Manny Rico, who was defeated by Anderson 4 years ago, and who ran third in this years race, has thrown his support behind Oglesby.

CHRIS ANDERSON  “You know its funny if I had gotten 40 more votes on the first ballot, uh, there wouldn’t be a runoff. And we identified about 250 people who said they were going to turn out and vote for me but didn’t actually take the time to go vote, uh because they thought I was going to win without their vote. Uh, so our biggest obstacle now is to just get past the idea that local elections don’t matter.”

As of Wednesday, only 386 people had been to the polls in early voting.

Councilmen Anderson and Yusuf Hakeem got the most votes in their re-election bids during the March 7 election, but neither got the 50% required to win the seats outright.

Hakeem is facing Demetrus Coonrod for the District 9 seat.