Cursive writing to be standard again in Tennessee schools


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – With the advent of personal computers and smart phones, most of us don’t use pens and pencils like we used to. In fact, some school districts have stopped requiring instruction in cursive writing, but not in Tennessee.

Tennessee began requiring that instruction for students two years ago. That follows the realization that many students graduate high school without being able to read what appears to be a foreign language to them.

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In Hamilton county, Normal Park Lower never stopped teaching that skill.

“I hated when they took it out of the standards. Um, mostly because if you even think back to the beginning of our country, every document is written in cursive. Um, I actually just went to D. C. and saw the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and looking at those documents and thinking that our students would never know what they say, because it would look like a foreign language to them. Um, so I’m very excited they’ve brought it back and that it’s the standard once again for our students.” said Emily Pittman, a 3rd grade teacher at Normal Park Lower.

Tennessee’s assessment is that cursive writing is not obsolete.