Chattanooga Housing Authority reopens waiting list


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – More than three thousand people are expected to apply to the Chattanooga Housing Authority choice voucher program. The program reopened today, March 27, at midnight.

The lottery style process has not been done since 2015. The voucher program provides assistance to low income families, senior and those with disabilities so that they can afford housing in a place of their choosing.

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Waiting List Manager Lakeisha Mason said, “Anyone is eligible to apply for the waiting list. After they are selected from the waiting list to be processed with full application, there are other guidelines edibility that we follow at that time. However, right now… you can apply the waiting list and final edibility will be determined once you’re pulled from the waiting list.”

1000 people will be placed on the waiting list.

There’s still time to apply. You can apply in person at the housing authority’s office on North Holtzclaw Avenue until 7 PM.

The application is posted at It will remain open until 11:59 tonight.