Gas prices keep falling as spring break approaches


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – This spring’s gas prices continue to buck the annual trend.

Usually, gas prices climb as spring break approaches.

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But last week, prices around Chattanooga fell once again.

This time it was by 1.4 cents, for an average of $1.97 a gallon.

The national average also dropped last week, but by a smaller margin (0.3 cents).

Prices here have dropped about 4.2 cents over the last month.

And Chattanooga once again is cheaper than our neighbors in Knoxville, Nashville, Huntsville and Atlanta.

“As oil prices have hit a bit of a rough patch in the last two weeks, gasoline prices have stumbled as well with a majority of states seeing a weekly pull back in retail prices,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for

“While some states did see minor increases, the bulk of the country saw prices moving lower at a time of year that such a move is about as likely as a 16th seed team winning the NCAA tournament.”

“While the drop at the pump is most welcome, we’re nearly guaranteed to see prices rebound well in time for Memorial Day and the start of the summer driving season. For now, there’s a major tug of war going on with oil prices- a move higher or lower in the week ahead could determine the direction of prices the next few weeks or longer,” DeHaan added.

The cheapest gallon of gas in Chattanooga now is $1.89.

And the survey found that price at ten locations around town, in Brainerd, Lookout Valley, Bonny Oaks and East Brainerd.

But Dunlap can once again beat that price, with several $1.86 prices posted around town.

Cleveland has one $1.89 price at the BP on Georgetown Pike.

And Athens, Tennessee also has several $1.89 prices.