Shylo’s Remains Found in Backyard Dumpster After Neighbor Dispute


This is an update to a story you saw exclusively on News 12 on March 3rd.

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JASPER, Tenn. (WDEF)- Shylo has been returned home after a neighbor dispute over allegations of animal cruelty.

Kay Pelham who accused her neighbors, Demarquis and Charlotte Perkins, of shooting her dog, Shylo, received a recovery search warrant to look in the dumpster behind their home.

The recovery search warrant was signed by the civil court judge, Mark Raines.

After looking in the dumpster Pelham discovered Shylo’s remains in the same place where she told police they would find the body.

When examining the body, Shylo appeared to have been shot two times.

In an interview with Mrs. Pelham, it was stated that she believed the father in-law of the Perkins’ was the one who actually shot the dog.

News 12 is still waiting to hear from Marion County Sheriff’s Department to see if charges are being filed in response to Shylo’s body being found.

Also, there is nothing known , as of yet, on what happened to the report filed against Mrs. Pelham by the Perkins family.

Here is a link to the previous story for more information.