Tornado hits Murray County


The storm yesterday afternoon, which happened early afternoon, caused ten’s-of-thousands of dollars worth of damages.

Murray County High School Athletic Director Greg Linder says, “what we found when we got here was the damage we have here at our facility. It blew our fences down; blew a wall down; blew the roof off our locker room and also damaged quite a bit of our outdoor baseball equipment.”

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Linder says no one was at the school because classes were let out at noon in anticipation of the storm.

In preparation, classes and extracurricular activities were cancelled for the rest of the day.

Future baseball high and junior school games and practices will be moved; likely to the Murray County Recreation department and to other school areas.

The National Weather Service classified the small tornado as an E-F-1, which cleared a three mile path and put the school right in the middle of it.

National Weather Service Warning Coordinator Meteorologist David Nadler says, “we feel like it was a brief – a small tornado that came through. Probably had winds between 70 and 85 miles-per-hour. A barn held down by 4×4’s was snapped in the base. A number of trees we saw snapped – large trees that were pine; cedars that were snapped and uprooted along its path.”

Nadler says during the storm their Hytop radar went down in northeast Alabama, making it more difficult to track this weather pattern.

He mentions that it is not unusual for this time of year to experience severe weather across our region.

Linder says the insurance company will be out to investigate and assess the damages.

The baseball field may be out of use for at least a month.

And thankfully, no injuries have been reported.