Flu closing more schools in East Tennessee


DAYTON, Tennessee (WDEF) Rhea County may have started the trend this week, but they weren’t the last to close for student illness from flu-like symptoms (Rhea returns on Wednesday).

On Tuesday, they were joined by Polk County schools in our area.

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And there are more closed systems to the north an east of the county.

Van Burean, Roane, Grainger, Stewart, Scott and Knox Counties are all closed today, along with both the Sweetwater and Lenoir city systems.

You can also add a few private schools around Knoxville to the list.

McMinn County officials posted on Facebook that their attendance has been beating the odds so far.

“Our attendance rate today was good at 91.6%.”

“We have been luckier than surrounding systems, but we must monitor it carefully!!! We look at numbers each day around 10 a.m. to see how we are doing with attendance.”

Several others systems are keeping their fingers crossed this week and counting heads.