Soddy Daisy Community Meeting for New School Track


SODDY DAISY, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Soddy Daisy track is original to the school, meaning that it is more than 30-years-old and the community says it’s something that needs to be updated.

“Its probably near 35-years-old and its asphalt. 35-years of asphalt in terms of parking lot its, you replace them pretty quick. But foot traffic on this one has caused it to deteriorate pretty bad, ” said Nicholas Solvo.

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Soddy educators like Nicholas Solvo say that the track at Soddy Daisy high school is almost unmanageable and in desperate need of an update.

The team as of now can’t hold any meets at their own field and faculty says that it is sometimes hazardous to the athlete’s health.

“This being a much harder surface means that we have to deal with injuries on a greater basis I can sometimes see about one fourth of the team sometimes with some sort of lower leg problem,” said Solvo.

Rhonda Thurman of District 1 with the Hamilton County School Board is already in the works helping community members.

Opposition is still strong with other Representatives wanting their own track as well that is also in need of repair.

If however a budget is made leaders have an idea of what they will put the money towards.

“Do a whole stadium project its our whole goal as a facility goes. I mean its not just the track we would want to do an entire stadium project. Put in an eight lane rubberized track in, put a news concession stand in for the visitors,” said Jared Hensley.

“It’s a public thing , If I go down to Red Bank I can see , I can see lots of people just from the community in that area running on the track . It bring people together it’s a health thing,” said Solvo.

“I want it to be a community track . It’s lit up and has lights and it’s unlocked and every night if families want to go and walk the track and get out we want people on campus. We want people to see what we are doing at Soddy Daisy High School and we want that community small town feel to come back to Soddy Daisy,” said Hensley.

Now community members say this is the first time in years that they have started to gain real attention and support for a new track.

Board Members have not yet finalized whether or not to put together a budget for the track.

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