Hallow-zine Comics’ Anthology


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Halloween is here and we all need something spooky to read however if you don’t know where to start look no further. our interns went out to the Chatt Comix co-op to talk about their new Halloween anthology.

Megan Frey : The Cauldron O-Comix a Hallowzeen anthology is released today officially throughout the end of October if your lucky we will have it a little longer after that but uh it can only be picked up at Infinity flux cards comix and games that is on Hixson Pike, its right across the street from jets pizza and rice box

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Tara Hamilton: and the food city.

Megan Frey: Food city and tax is included in that five dollar charge and all the proceeds go back directly to the coop to help us keep creating comics. Help us print these things, print more

Tara Hamilton:  pay for the big anthology that’s coming out

So what inspired the Halloween anthology?

Tara Hamilton: The frightening ass film festival we uh infinity flux has a  booth at the festival over at Cinerama and we wanted to have something at the booth to represent the co-op since the big anthology isn’t coming out until December. All of the creators are from the Chattanooga area some people come in all the way from Cleveland to just to talk about comics for three hours, which is something I don’t know that I would be willing to do and even the projects are printed in Chattanooga at WonderPress, which is a amazing local comic shop. White toner big deal in digital printing and everything uh tries to stay pretty cost effective too so yeah.

Megan: One thing that I uh think is really cool about the co-op is I don’t think that there is anything like it in Chattanooga were you can come be creative with other people and have something physical to hold afterward uh its its it happens pretty quick like our turn around time we’re always working on projects in the background uh by February of next year-ish we’re going to have four plus things completed so this is our first of very very many.

Also the co-op is looking for new members to add to their staff.

They have meetings at Infinity flux cards comics and games every first and third Thursday and there is no membership fee to join.