Amazing waves from South Korean Typhoon


HAEUNDAE, South Korea (WDEF) – Wind and rain are what we fear most from Hurricanes like Matthew.

But we want to show you some monster waves kicked up by a major typhoon that swept past South Korea this morning.

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Chaba was considered a super typhoon just 24 hours ago (a cat 5 hurricane for us).

Luckily, it has circled the Japanese mainland and is rapidly weakening before it comes back around to hit the northern part of the country today.

But check out some of the monster waves that are swamping Marine City in Haundae, on the southeast coast of South Korea.


Not a good day to be driving along the seawall.


I’m scared # # # typhoon Chaba Haeundae rajyo # # # Fortunately, they passed quickly uljip this is okay # 18 Typhoon is like a tsunami # # # Please be careful all the damage is no longer ✋✋


And not a good day to catch the bus there, either.

Taejongdae Busan # # # # typhoon Maritime University ssadaegi # # # Chava tsunami bus # # zero Maritime University, Busan video here … like a tsunami wave c … ㄷㄷㄷ bus driver’s stunned


Now an overhead look at the waves sweeping the streets of Marine City.

It looks like a Tsumani

And photos of the aftermath.

So Korean Typhoon

S. Korean Typhoon

S Korean Typhoon


A ground level view of the waves. Notice the photographer realized he might not be standing in the safest spot.


But there is a silver lining. Residents could go fishing by just walking out into the street.


S. Korean Typhoon

S. Korean Typhoon