Tennessee Board of Reagents Meets at Chatt State Community College


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(WDEF)- The Tennessee Board of Regents or TBR has wrapped up the first day of a two-day meeting at Chattanooga State Community College.

The TBR moves its quarterly meeting to various campuses around the state.

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It oversees 47 institutions, 6 state universities that are not part of the U-T system, 13 community colleges and 27 colleges of applied technology.

Its Committee did most of the work today.

Finance and Business Operations received the staff’s recommendation of the fiscal year 2017-18 capital budget this afternoon.

“Tomorrow morning when the full board meets, they’re going to review campus safety and security reports, which is the result of a 6 month task force ..from board staff…and campus officials across the state,” says Rick Locker who is the interim communications director.

The board will decide on budget requests and construction projects at tomorrow’s meeting.