Chattanooga introduces Electric Car Share program


CHATTNOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – You know about Chattanooga’s Bike Share program, now the city is introducing an Electric Car Share.

TVA and CARTA are co-funding a project that will allow people to pick up an electric Leaf at 20 locations around the city, and use it for business or pleasure trips.

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Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and County Mayor Jim Coppinger were on hand this afternoon at Hamilton Place to launch the program.

After registration, a driver can rent the vehicle for $9 an hour.

“We’ve learned lots of things through research projects. the cars are really efficient, easy to maintain . they cost less to drive than gasoline vehicles and they are better for the environment, for driving. So we are really excited about this and the opportunity for people to learn about electric vehicles  and to drive them themselves,” says Drew Frye from TVA.

The Plug-In event today is part of National Drive Electric week.

Chattanooga is the only mid-size city in the country to offer such a program.