Sale Creek Swat Stand-Off


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(WDEF)- Hamilton County swat team was busy at a stand-off with a suicidal man in Sale Creek where shots were fired.

Leggett road was blocked off around 3 o’clock as Hamilton County deputies answered a 911 call from family members of one Sale creek man who was suicidal and acting crazy.

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News 12 was on the scene but was unable to get closer to the residence but shots where fired at law enforcement which in turn brought the swat team.
Officials on the scene were happy with the restraint officers showed.

Matt Lea who is the Hamilton County Public Information Officer states, ” We are very proud of our guys they really showed some strong restraint tonight. I mean its a difficult situation when you have someone that you know is suffering like the individual going through what they where going through as well as opening fire on officers so I’m very proud at the restraint that they showed.”

Several attempt were made from local officials but after several hours of trying to negotiate officials started using tear gas to try and pry the man out of the home.
They were met with shots fired back.

“Deputies did return fire, no deputies were injured during the gun fight. After several hours with speaking with negotiators and numerous shots fired the subject was taken into custody by swat personnel the individual was then taken by ambulance for medical evaluation at a local hospital.”

The name of the individual will not be released at this time.

Reporting for News 12 Now Brian Didlake