Big Cat at Ridgeland


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- It seems like the mountain lion that was spotted in Walker County this afternoon doesn’t want to mess with the Ridgeland High School Panthers.

School officials say the campus is safe again after being on high alert for more than a few hours.

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Sorry kids, but according to the Walker County School District, classes will continue as scheduled next week.

“Somebody said it was a bobcat at first, and then they got up to the field and said it was larger. Too large,” said Devon Tucker, a student at Ridgeland High.

“I was supposed to go film something out at the football fields, and they told me I couldn’t, because there was a mountain lion,” said Jake Hood, a concerned student.

Friday afternoon, Ridgeland High School students were told a mountain lion was spotted on their campus.

“Our mascot’s a Panther, so like it’s ironic that we have like mountain lions and coyotes on our field,” said Alyssa Young halfheartedly.

And most students say they weren’t really scared at all.

“I wasn’t that much afraid, it was just more of shock, you know,” said Jake Hood.

“They said it was all the way up there on the top field, which is kinda out of the way. So I was just kind of intrigued,” said Devon Tucker.

Mountain Lions are usually found near the west coast, but wildlife officials say recently there have been several sightings in the North Georgia and Tennessee areas, which hasn’t happened since the early 1900s.

School officials stated, “We’ve instructed our students and students to remain vigilant, and aware of their surroundings and that if anything out of the ordinary is observed to report it to the front office immediately. We thank you for your patients during this situation. You guys have a great day, and go Panthers.”