Soddy loses to Red Bank


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Lions took the field hoping to slow down the Trojans, but Soddy had no plans of slowing down tonight.

This is the Trojans first possession Justin Cooke pulls the ball out on the keeper weaving through defenders to the sideline for a big gain before being pushed out of bounds.

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His jersey wasn’t so white after that.

Later that drive Cooke shows he can throw just as well as he can run going deep to Ty Boeck who pulls it in and makes a b- line for the end zone with the missed extra point that put Soddy up 6 nothing.

Red Bank going to work now they give the rock to Derke Colvin who makes a cut and finds some space and it looks like the muddy field stops this touchdown as he slips and falls to the dirt.

But Red Bank had a plan through the air Calvin Jackson putts one up to mike hatter who makes the acrobatic catch to put the lions in striking distance.

The Lions give it to the big man Kedric Richardson who cant quite break the plan B of a Brandon Davis tackle,  but the Lions aren’t worried about that when you have a back like Richardson you have to feed him so they give him the rock again this time.

The Trojans line wanted nothing to do with him as he walks into the end zone to tie the game at 6 and after the extra point give red bank a 7 to 6 lead.

Red Bank beat Soddy 22 to 14.