Man accused of animal cruelty after dead horses found on property says he is innocent

UGA Dorm

FULTON COUNTY, GA (CBS46) – A man trying to clear his name after four dead horses and several emaciated others were found on his property is speaking to CBS46 News about the incident.

Branden Fulton was arrested after the horses were discovered on his property off Butner Road and Camp Creek Parkway in Fulton County, about 15 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta.

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Fulton was released from jail on $75,000 bond. CBS46 News was told by police that Fulton will have an ankle monitor and has to get rid of any animals he has.

The malnourished horses were taken to a rescue facility but Fulton says he is going to try everything in his power to get them back.

“This is me and this is all I have,” said Fulton. “My love for horses is…..They come before me.”

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**Photo via CBS 46