Local Veteran Receives Free Air Conditioners


WILDWOOD, Ga. (WDEF) – Shane Hutcheson, with Aid-A-Veteran, says, “It does get hot sometimes, but we overlook that. I put that out of my mind because I’m on a mission.”

Being a veteran, means Shane Hutcheson knows a thing or two about missions.

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His current one: Operation Aid-A-Veteran.

The intended target? David Cunningham.

“It’s been getting really rough, says,” Cunningham.

Rough, because it’s been dangerously hot and Cunningham’s main air conditioner broke.

And on top of that, he’s confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down because of a hang gliding injury.

Cunningham adds, “The higher the level of injury, the harder it is for the body to regulate temperature.”

After a month of ceiling fans just not cutting it, Cunningham’s mother found a local veterans group more than willing to help.

Hutcheson says, “We help with things like utility bills, rent, we’ve stepped in and even fixed automobiles.”

Hutcheson and other volunteers raise money for these veterans by selling these stickers and holding other fundraisers.

It’s a local effort through and through with an outcome that shows honor, pride, and appreciation to those who served our country.

Cunningham adds, “I’m just really thankful to these guys helping us out like this. It’s really going to get us through the summer time.”

For more information on this program go to www.aidaveteran.com or call 423-401-7292.