“Guns on Campus” Bill Hits Georgia Governor’s Desk


Gov. Nathan Deal has until May 3 to make up his mind about
legislation that would allow college students to carry guns onto campus.
Lawmakers earlier refused his personal request for changes to the measure.
There is mixed reaction at Dalton state college.

Officials at Dalton State are siding with the university system, the board of regents and campus police chiefs in urging the Governor not to sign house bill 859.

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PAM PARTAIN, DIR. OF COMMUNICATIONS, DALTON STATE COLLEGE “We believe the law as it currently stands strikes the right balance between the safety of our campus community and the carrier’s rights as well.”

Governor Deal, who angered conservatives last week when he vetoed the “religious liberty” bill, wanted the legislature to exempt child care facilities in the campus gun carry bill.
Lawmakers see the issue differently.

VOICE OF SEN. JEFF MULLIS, (R) CHICKAMAUGA “I’m a strong supporter of the constitution and the second amendment. And I kind of believe gun laws are only for the law abiding citizen. The bad guy already has the gun.”

Mullis says his office has had only 2 calls from constituents who don’t support the bill.

JAMES HUSKEY, STUDENT, DALTON STATE “I wouldn’t feel the safest having guns on campus because we do have cops here and stuff, but I won’t be upset and stop going to Dalton if they have some people they want to carry a gun on campus—as long as they can keep it safe.”

BRIAN ENSMINGER, STUDENT, DALTON STATE “I don’t think the individual people will save lives, but I think if somebody was camping out back and wanted to come storm the campus, something like that the possibility of other people firing back would definitely stop them, I think.”

MELISSA MORRISON, STUDENT, DALTON STATE “I think if you’ve gone through your background check and you’re carrying your weapon legally, you should be able to carry it almost anywhere.”

The House Bill would allow anyone 21 or older with a weapons permit to carry a gun anywhere on a college or university campus, except for athletic events. dorms, fraternities and sorority houses.