Two Meetings Held In Hixson For School’s Future


Roughly thirty people showed up to Hixson High School Tuesday, where Dr. Greg Martin, the District 5 Hamilton County School Board Representative held a town hall meeting.

Stacy Alexander sat in the front row of the town hall, taking notes and armed with questions. She’s President of the Hixson Middle School PTA, and she wants answers.

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“So, I’m here tonight to see what Dr. Martin has to say, and to see where he is thinking the school board might be going with hiring a new Superintendent,” she said.

Dr. Martin was there, and answered her questions, among many others. He addressed how the district has lowered their qualifications for what they seek in a Superintendent; from one needing a Doctorate, to the state’s minimum qualification of holding a bachelor’s degree.

“When you look at what the Superintendent role in the public school system, we basically made a niche market and narrowed it down these parameters,” said Martin.

Also, in attendance was Lisa Blakely

“Very interested in the direction we’re going with a lot of things: staffing, testing, and Superintendent, of course.”

Just down the road, at the very same time, Unifi-ed was holding their own meeting. They’re a non-profit group with, what they call, a strategic plan to ensure that the district hires the best candidate for the job of Superintendent.

Less than a half-a-dozen people were at the North River Civic Center for that meeting. Monday, however, the numbers rose to nearly 50.

“We are having one of these meetings in every district and we’re recording the conversation, and we’re going to transcribe the conversation, and create a report, a small report, to see what the community wants to see,” said Unifi-Ed Director Elizabeth Cruz.