Election for Hamilton County School Board Seats


scThe race to the white house isn’t the only race people will be seeing on a ballot in the next few months.

Unifi-Ed, a community based education organization, said it wants to see a change on the board and wants people to know the step by step process of what it takes to fill one of those seats.

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Executive Director Elizabeth Crews said there will be 4 seats available on the Hamilton County School Board during the August election.

“District 1 in Soddy Daisy and part of Hixson, District 2, which is Signal Mountain and Red Bank and also part of Hixson. District 7, which is East Brainerd and part of Ooltewah, and District 4 which is the downtown area.”

Unifi-Ed is breaking down what it takes to apply in the upcoming election by creating a how-to-guide to run for Hamilton County School Board seat.

“It lays out deadlines, it talks about number of voters, it talks about fund raising. The more people that run or the more people that know about it, the better outcomes that we have for our leadership on school board.”

Crews said she’s not pleased with how the current board is handling the Hamilton County School System.

“They’re all struggling right now with what’s happening. I do they think they need revisit the decision that they made last night.”

The decision to keep Rick Smith as Superintendent of Hamilton County.

Crews said the Hamilton County School Board needs to hold members accountable.

“Accountability is key. I heard a lot of school board members last night talking about accountability and then they voted to not hold our leadership accountable and they didn’t hold themselves accountable. This is a systemic issue and we’re really failing our kids and our community by allowing the current leadership to continue.”

Superintendent Rick Smith said he’s aware there are issues within the school system that he wants to fix.

“There are under performing schools. that we know who those are…we’ve got lots of things…not to get into…I’m not going to back off on where I was last spring with what I think the school system needs.”

Crews said she envisions a new Hamilton County school system.

“I would love to see a school system that has…hires the best teachers keeps the best teachers, supports teachers, but also makes sure that all of our students have the best chance for success.”