The Super Bowl is big business for local businesses

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Now that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to check the cash registers.
This annual event is a multi-billion dollar money maker.
There’s no doubt that the Super Bowl is a huge day for all Americans.
We love to watch the action, the commercials, and all the entertainment in between.
And we also like to spend money when it comes to the big game.
Buds Sports Bar is a local watering hole that’s been around for some time.
On Super Bowl Sunday, it’s all hands on deck.
The staff always expects a big crowd for the game, but it could be even bigger than normal since this may be Peyton Manning’s last game.
Vickie Godfrey is the Manager at Buds Sports Bar.
“We all love Peyton, but of course we have some Carolina fans, but we love Peyton since he’s from Tennessee. We’re very excited about this game.”
According to a workforce management company, Americans spent more than 14 billion dollars for the Super Bowl last year. And a lot of businesses will be trying to cash in with specials to bring in the customers.
Last year, Buds sold 5-thousand wings during the big game.
Dave Career is a Chattanooga resident.
“It gets elbow to elbow here. I mean I’ve been here for that. I’m not here late at night, that’s for sure, but for the Super Bowl you make exceptions for everything. Elbow to elbow is fine with me.”
Buffalo Wild Wings promotes giveaways, games and trivia to bring people to the restaurant.
Working on the Super Bowl definitely means some extra cash for employees, according to Keely Wheeler.
She’s a Captain at the downtown location.
“We do have a lot of people that request off. Like, it is the Super Bowl and they love to do it. But a lot of people enjoy working it and volunteer to work it. You get to watch the big game, and also you are there to work too, so it’s a good deal.”
No business may cash in on the Super Bowl as much as pizza chains across the country.
The Papa John’s franchise on Broad Street normally brings in about 5 to 6 thousand dollars on a busy Friday night.
On Super Bowl Sunday, the business may be bring in close to 9 thousand dollars that day.
That just shows you, the big game is big business in America.

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